Wet Rotor Circulation Pumps

General Details

Pumped Fluids

Used in heating systems, clean water or clean water-antifreeze mixture used in the pressing of the liquid. Existing water quality standards (such as VDI 2035) must be complied with. Liquid, corrosive, explosive or mixture, mineral oil should not contain solid or fibrous particles.


 Usage Areas

  • Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning
  • Building Systems
Technical Info-1

Connection Dimensions 15 – 25 – 32

Connection Type Gland

Pressure rating (PN) 10

Maximum lift height (m) 8

Maximum flow rate (m3/h) 5

Maximum Power (W) 55

Voltage (V) 1×230

Operating temperature (°C) +5C / from +95 C

Technical Info-2

Connection Dimensions 40-65-80-100

Connection Type Flange,Pipe

Pressure rating (PN) 6/10

Maximum lift height (m) 18

Maximum flow rate (m3/h) 78

Maximum Power (W) 1600

Voltage (V) 1×230

Operating temperature (°C) -10 C to +110 C up to

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