Water Hammer Preventation Valve

General Details

Energy cut-offs in the pump systems and the consequence of the pumps’ activate and deacticate ,allow the system to be protected by evacuating pressure fluctuations due to variations in water velocity. During power cuts, the valve opens quickly and drains the negative pressure wave that returns. When the negative pressure wave returns to normal, the valve slowly closes itself.

•Working with line pressure and no need extra energy
•Easy maintenance
• Protecting the line from excessive pressure
• Fast detection at high and low pressure
• Replacement of balance tanks

Give the solenoid coil energy over the main valve through the board. On the main valve, the mini ball valve on the exit from 2 mini ball valves is closed. When the pilot valve adjustment bolt is turned clockwise, the adjustment pressure is reduced. When the desired pressure value is found, the lock nut under the adjusting bolt is tightened and the mini ball valve at the outlet is opened.

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