Water Hammer Absorber

General Details

The water hammer makes the suction smoothly and facilitates the impact of the water.

Water Hammer Absorb
It can be connected directly to pipe in different battery types. It has the effect of excellent water hammer absorption without blocking the fluid flow.

Easy Installation
It can be easily and freely mounted even in a narrow space. Select a direction for installation according to the location.

Max. Working Pressure: 16 bar
Max. Working Temperature: 60ºC

Before using the product, check that it is within the maximum operating pressure and temperature range.

Perforated Pipe:The pipe can be inserted in series with regular flow by drilling in small holes.

Elastic Tube: When rubber is used outside the perforated pipe, it provides excellent elasticity and air tightness and is secured with flanges at both ends.

Air Room: There is an air chamber between the pipe and the sheath. The air chamber is pre-filled to 0.5 MPa.

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