Vacuum Lifter

General Details

Air accumulations which occur particularly in pump outlets when water is delivered to pump outlets and pipe lines and makes water flow area narrower and causes decrease in capacity. This product is used to protect the pump and the system and to discharge the air for more efficient operation of the system. Single spherical and double spherical models are available. Generally, single-ball vacuum lifter are used for the air capacity. Double spherical vacuum lifter are preferred when very high efficiency is required for the system.

Techical Info

• Drainage of air entering the pipe when filling the pipeline with fluid,
• Large amount of inlet air discharged in the pipe, during the discharge of the fluid inside the pipeline
• Evacuation of air bubbles with fluid in dynamic working conditions
• Single sphere-kinetic type, single-spherical-dynamic type, double orifice combined type and self-propelled double-spherical vacuum lifter can be used according to place
• Provides protection against lock with high air output.

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