Steam Separator

General Details

Seperator seperates liquids from steam, air and other gases’ lines with the help of centrifugal force. It is the device which enables to obtain dry and clean steam, air and other gases by passing through the filter and discharging it by steamtrap or gastrap.  Seperators are specially designed to maintain high efficiency, variable steam rates and separation efficiency in lines running up to 25 bar. This product can be specially produced from stainless steel for process systemsWorking PrincipleIt is not possible to distribute water droplets regularly throughout the pipe section. It is easy to pick up the drifting condensate from the bottom of the pipe. The water droplets in the steam can only be collected by seperators. The free gas with water droplets in it enters the seperator and around the conical cyclone downwards.

it starts to centrifuge and accleration, separates the liquid particles, droplets and sediments by spewing into the wall. Dry and clean gas firstly moves large internal volume, after moves through conical cylane, optionally through filtration to continue the line. The condensate and residue descend into the collecting chamber below the separating stainless plate, and can not go up. The condensate is filtered out and drained off with a steamtrap.Steam Seperator

-Boiler Outlets:
Prevents the transferof chemicals, abrasive fluids, foreignsubstances, water droplets to thesteam lines.

-Control Devices Inlet:
Increase theefficiency and life of equipment such as pressure reducer, control valves and steam flow meters.

-System Inlet:
*At the entrance of the steam turbines
*Heating battery and dryers
*Kitchen devices, washing machines
*Multi-layer presses (Rubber and woodpresses)
*Autoclaves, sterilizer
*Paint and finishing machines
*Bread ovens
*Tea and tobacco businesses as used to obtain dry steam prior tosystem access. It must used in open steam consumed systems.

Techical Info

Body: Carbon Steel (Optional Stainless Steel)
Internal: Stainless Steel
Connection: Threaded, flanged
Connection type: Horizontal, vertical
Diameters: Threaded 1/2”-2” Flanged DN15-DN350
Max. Working Pressure: 16 Bar, 25 Bar, 40 Bar
Max. Working Temperature: 300 °C

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