Stainless Hydrophore

General Details

Pumped Fluids

High pressure, quiet running, compact and low power consumption. They are ln-line (can be fitted to a straight pipe) type pumps with stainless steel surfaces that come into contact with the liquid. CDLF pumps are suitable for pumping non-abrasive, clean or slightly contaminated, low viscosity liquids without solid particles and fibers. Bedding is provided with tungsten carbide plain bearings. It saves space thanks to its vertical structure.


Usage Areas

  • Water supply, purification and pumped be
  • Agricultural irrigation and drainage
  • Power Plants
  • Maritime
  • Building Systems
Technical Info

Flow rate of 110 m3/h up to

Discharge Height 160 m” up

Operating temperature (°C) -10 C to +70 C up to

Body pressure (pmaks) 10 – 16 – 25 bar

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