Solenoid Control Pressure Reducer

General Details

The solenoid-controlled pressure reducing control valves adjust the outlet pressure and enable on / off from an external power supply. The pilot mounted on it ensures that the high inlet pressure remains constant by adjusting to the desired output pressure value.It is not affected by pressure and flow changes. It is possible to remotely control the solenoid coil. The control of these valves is provided with the control device, time relay, switch, PLC control unit etc.

Techical Info

Technical Specification
Easy and precise adjustment to desired pressure
•Pressure reduction without affecting the pressure andflow changes in the system
•Manual opening and closing
•Easy maintenance
•Low energy consumption
•Control of different voltages

Energize the solenoid coil on the main valve via the board. There are 2 ball valve on the main valve, close the main valve at the outlet.When the pilot valve adjustment bolt is turned clockwise, the set pressure is reduced. When the desired pressure value is found, tighten the lock nut under the adjusting bolt and open the mini ball valve at the outlet.

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