Sediment, Air and Dirt Separator

General Details

Cleaning and maintenance of the classic strainers are generally neglected by the user. Because, it can not be made easily. This neglect leads to problems such as clogging of the filters and inefficient operation of the system and consequently not being sufficiently heated.

The sediment and dirt seperators has two advantages over the classic type of sediment holders:

– The dirt kept in the lower part of the device by filtering. Thus, the system is never blocked.
– The accumulated dirt is easily discharged through the drain valve under the device.

Note: Drain valve should be used for proper and efficient operation of the system.

Techical Info

Body: St 37.2 Carbon Steel
Sediment and Air Seperator: AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Max. Working Pressure: 10 bar
Max. Working Temperature: 100ºC
Connection: Flange

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