Pressure Relief Control Valve

General Details

In systems with sudden pressure increase, it reliably discharges the high pressure wave to ensure safe operation of the system. Due to any reason, the pressure regulating pressure is increased and the valve is opened by opening the valve the press releases. This allows the system to work longer and be healthy. It is used at the critical points of the systems.

  • Working with line pressure and not need extra energy
    •Easy maintenance
    •Protecting the line from excessive pressure
    •Easy and sensitive adjustment with desired pressure

Adjustment: After the water is supplied to the system, if the value displayed on the manometer is below the desired pressure, turn the adjustment bolt clockwise to increase the input pressure. If the value indicated by the manometer is above the desired pressure value, the adjustment bolt is turned counterclockwise and adjusted to the desired pressure. After this, tighten the lock nut which is located under the setting bolt and fix the adjusting bolt.


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