Pressure Reducer Control Valve

General Details

The pressure breaker control valves allow the output pressure to be adjusted. The mounted pilot ensures that the high inlet pressure remains constant by adjusting to the desired outlet pressure value. It is not affected by pressure and flow changes.

The mini ball valve at the outlet on the main valve is closed. When the pilot valve bolt on the valve is turned clockwise, the set pressure rises, and when turned counterclockwise, the set pressure is reduced. When the desired pressure value is found, the lock nut under the adjusting bolt is tightened and the mini ball valve at the outlet is opened.

-Valve can be install in horizontal / vertical position

Techical Info

•Working with line pressure and not need extra energy
•Easy and precise adjustment with desired pressure
•Pressure reduction without being affected by pressureand flow changes in the system
•Manual on and off
•Easy maintenance

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