Pneumatic Controlled On-Off Valve

General Details

Pneumatic valve works by moving single acting piston with air controlled actuator. Normally closed position. When the air moves to actuator, the piston moves upwards and the valve is opened. When the air is cut off, the piston is pushed through the spring and the valve is brought to the closed position. It is Y type valve as shown.

Textile printing and painting
Drug and medical equipment
Food Facilities
Organic and inorganic chemical industry
Water / sewage discharge
Paper factories
Iron and steel factories

– Water
– Hot water
– Steam
– LPG, pressured gasses
– Gases such as oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen
– Various chemical fluids

Correct selection of installation should be done according to appropriate conditions. The arrow mark on the body must be in the direction of flow. It can be mounted in every direction. But in order to understand the open / closed position, it is beneficial that the drive head is in the place to be seen.

– Easy to use
– Easy installation
– Low energy consumption
– Long working life
– Reliability
– High Sealing
– Flow Control

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