Membrane Bio Reactor Systems

General Details

Membrane Bio Reactor Systems are systems used for the purpose of treating and recycling wastewater with high pollution removal and absolute product water quality. MBR Systems are biochemical oxidation processes in which clean water and biomass are physically separated by filtration thanks to membrane equipment. MBR Systems are applied in two ways as Sunken Type and Dry Type.

  • Provides very good quality and absolute purified water quality.
  • In this way, the treated waste water can be recycled and used again.
  • Product Water Turbidity: <1 NTU
  • Bacteriological Pollution: No
  • High MLSS (8-30 gr / lt) Concentration
  • As it works, a smaller volume aeration tank is used.
  • Sludge formation is less.
  • There is no need for a settling tank.
  • The sustainability of natural resources is ensured by recycling waste water.
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