General Details

The loop joint is designed to move in any direction making it a simple, all-in-one joint for a variety of applications. There’s no limit to the seismic applications that loop joints can handle. It can even be designed with lined hose for high velocity, double-braid for high pressures, and all stainless steel construction for media compatibility.

Piping used in applications and locations subject to seismic conditions have their own set of unexpected random movements and greater costs to overcome. The random motion common to earthquakes requires that seismic expansion joints be capable of movement in any direction. Of the 6 possible directions. Loop joint’s orientation can be changed relative to the piping, further minimizing the likelihood of compressive movement.

Techical Info

Bellow Material
Stainless Steel AISI 304 (opt.321,316L,316TI,309)

Braiding Material
Stainless Steel AISI 304

Connection Types
Floating Flanged, Welded Ended, Grooved & Threaded

Flange Material
PN 16, St.37.2 as standard, the material can be customised on request

Operating Temperature

Operating Pressure
175 psi & 250 psi

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