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The density of total desolved substances (TDS) in water increases during steam production. In such a case, boiler and steam lines may be damaged if the specified limits are exceeded. These damages can create defects on the equipment, as well as lead to energy loss by dragging along with the steam and increasing the conductivity of the condensate.

These substances (generally calcium and magnesium salts) which are formed in the steam and steam lines of steam production are removed by various means in order to provide optimum TDS level. This process is called blow down. If the unwanted substances are dissolved in water, they are automatically evacuated from the system by blowing from the surface. Surface blow down is a process that continues at regular intervals.

1 piece Conductivity Sensor,
1 piece Transmitter,
1 control valve,
1 PID Controller and Control Panel.
On request, 1 Plate Heat Exchanger and 1 Circulation Pump can be added in addition to YBS-10 for ENERGY RECOVERY SYSTEM.

Depending on operating conditions and with heat recovery system can amortize the investment cost in a very short time.

Techical Info

Advantages of Surface Blowdown Control System
It is not possible to determine the amount of undissolved matter concentration in the boiler water and to determine the optimum blast range with a manually controlled surface blow down system. The boiler operator does not know at what intervals and for how long to blow down. However, even if the blow interval is appropriate, it can not calculate the changing conditions in fresh feed water and boiler feed water.

In the same way, it is not possible to calculate the conditions of return of the condensate. The automatic blow system measures the amount of undissolved material in the water volume by optimizing the surface blow interval.
The automatic surface blow down control system minimizes the amount of blows to ensure that the amount of chemicals used remains at acceptable levels and reduces energy loss to a minimum. It reduces the cost of water treatment, consumption and heating by a considerable amount.

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