Frequency Controlled

General Details

Structure Type:

Frequency Converter Control Panel

Application area:

Automatic control of 6 pumps (7 pumps optional) with frequency converter in booster and circulation systems

Features / Advantages of the Product:

  • Man-0-Automatic switch
  • Special frequency converter in pump applications
  • Modbos- Compatible with building automation system
  • General operation / General fault signals
  • Individual work / Individual error signals
  • Pump rotation (the desired operating time can be entered.After 12 hours, let the other pump be activated, etc.)
  • Operation without frequency converter in case of frequency converter failure
  • Touchscreen display for all values ​​and operating status
  • Setting the system pressure value and monitoring the current differential pressure on the touch screen
  • Ability to select a spare pump
  • On the touch screen, the activation and deactivation delay times of the pumps can be read.
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