Flow Control Valve

General Details

Designed to control the flow through the valve. It keeps the constant flow through the valve without being affected by pressure and flow fluctuations. Prevents excess water flow during backwashing in filtration systems and prevents water waste.

Install the signal hose and orifice plate supplied with the valve as shown in the operating instructions. Set the 3-way ball valve on the valve to Auto. Open the 3-way pilot protection cover on the valve.If the flow rate through the van is insufficient, increase the pressure to pass through the valve by tightening the adjusting bolt. If the flow rate through the van is too high, loosen the adjusting bolt and reduce the valve to pass through the van.

-The valve can be install in horizontal / vertical position.

Techical Info

•Working with line pressure and not need extra energy
•Able to set the desired flow rate easily and precisely
•Easy maintenance

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