FFS Fire Set

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Nowadays, fire safety has become a subject that is accepted all over the world and is focused on sensitively. School, hospital, shopping mall, airport, factory, warehouse, dam, treatment plant, etc. Firefighting systems are among the top sine qua non in commercial and industrial building and infrastructure facilities projects. The heart of these systems are pumps. Hydrant, fire cabinet and sprinkler carry out the transfer of sufficient flow with the required pressure, fire fighting booster sets.

Components of the FSS system:

  1. Electric motor driven main pump
  2. Diesel engine driven backup pump
  3. Jockey booster
  4. Electric pump control panel
  5. Diesel engine pump control panel
  6. Fuel tank and battery of diesel engine driven pump
  7. Sound / light alarm
  8. Complementary installation equipment:
  9. Shut-off valves
  10. Check valve
  11. Pressure switch for each pump
  12. Manometer / vacuum meter
  13. Eccentric (suction side) concentric (discharge side) reductions
  14. Collector (if multi-pump system is requested)
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