General Details

Externally pressurised expansion joints are designed as the most appropriate solutions when the expansion joints must absorb very large axial movements under high pressure. Compensating larger amount of thermal expansions by axial expansion joints are only possible by increasing the number of corrugations of the bellow, but this increases the possibility of squirm risk. The Externally pressurized expansion joints provide the most suitable solution for high axial movement needs. There are no limits to the size of axial movement that can be absorbed by this type of expansion joint.

Techical Info

Bellow Material
Stainless Steel AISI 321 (Opt. 304,316L, 316TI, 309)

Connection Types
Fixed and Floating Flanged, Welded Ended & Grooved,

Flange Material
PN 16, St.37.2 as standard, the material can be customised on request

Inner Sleeve
Available in stainless steel AISI 321 (Opt. 304,316L, 316TI, 309) on request

Operating Temperature

Operating Pressure
Standard pressure rating is PN16
Can be produced with different pressure rates PN 2,5- PN 63

One end with Fixed, other end with Floating Flange

  • 30 mm movement
  • 60 mm movement
  • 90 mm movement
  • 120 mm movement

Welded End

  • 30 mm movement
  • 60 mm movement
  • 90 mm movement
  • 120 mm movement
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