Display Scale – Valve Model Magnetic Level Gauge

General Details

Magnetic Level Indicator is a light designed level indicator used in tanks that do not require pressure strength. It is a convenient and safe device designed to combine the principles of lifting and extracting of electro-magnet. The magnets in the float enable you to follow the liquid change level with the help of red-white coloured flaps placed on the outher wall. With the help of valves, it provides installation and repair without discharge the tank. Easy to read height with display scale.


  • Continuous and easy monitoring
    • Sealing construction
    • Requested length and connection manufacturing
    • Ability to work in different densities
    • Manufacturing according to various installation types
    • Long life time
    • Easy maintanence
    • Leightweight

Application Areas
• All steam and hot water boilers
• Waste water systems
• Filling and unloading containers
• All chemical and petrochemical tanks
• Tanks for petroleum and petroleum products
• Oil boilers
• Diesel fuel tanks and generator sets
• Submarine, helicopter and ship fuel tanks




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