Compact Magnetic Level Gauge

General Details

Level control devices are compatible leveling systems that can be integrated into automation systems for remote monitoring of tanks. The Reed switches in the proportional bar create an omege signal with the help of a magnet and convert this signal to an automation signal with the help of the panel.

It can be integrated into 4-20mA or 0-10V automation signal and contact, alarm can be taken or pump start / stop can be done at desired points. You can contact the system by connecting 0,75 mm shielded cable between the connection of the EG-11 2R control panel supplied with the product and the level indicator as well as the socket connection of the proportional bar installed.

Application Areas
• All steam boilers
• Waste water systems
• Filling and unloading containers
• All chemical and petrochemical tanks
• Tanks for petroleum and petroleum products
• Oil boilers
• Diesel fuel tanks and generator sets
• Submarine, helicopter and ship fuel tanks

• Continuous and easy monitoring
• Sealing construction
• Desired length and connection manufacturing
• Possibility to work in variable density flow
• Manufacturing according to various installation types
• Long life
• Easy maintenance
• Up to 4 meters can be manufactured in one piece

Selection Criteria
• Fluid density,
• Level range,
• Material accessories information etc.

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