Capacitive Level Switch

General Details

The capacitive level sensor for level measurement of conductive liquid, nonconductive liquid, granulated materials with solid particles, adhesive and acid/basic liquids. When a material comes between electrode rod and tank wall, a capacitance change occurs and when this change exceed adjustment threshold, contact output is delivered.

Designed for difficult process conditions. Refrigerated models can be manufactured for high temperature and pressure conditions. Calibrations of triggering point and relay operation range can be performed by the user under workplace conditions. It can be connected horizontally or vertically.

Application Areas
• Liquid tanks, food machines, cooling liquid tanks, shipping, glycol tanks, brine, waste water tanks.
• Oil tanks, CO2 liquid tanks, high temperature tanks, non-conductive liquids.
• Grain stores, cement, sand feed, flour, milk powder, organic and plastic granule.

• Optionally high temperature resistant design.
• Easy to assemble and adjust sensitivity.
• No cleaning required.
• Foam, splashes and not affected by coating the probe.
• Can be connected in reverse.


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