Balance Container

General Details

The fluid used in the installations is subject to heat loss when returning to the boiler. The of this temperature difference causes thermal stresses in the boiler and reduces the life of the boiler. The main task of the balance container is to ensure the thermal stability of the cooled liquid from the installation by mixing with the hot water from the boiler. Thus, the thermal equilibrium is reduced to a minimum.

Selection of Balance Container;

– When dimensioning, the max. heating water flow should be based.
– The water flow in the hydraulic balance tank is max. sizing should be done to 0.2 m / s.
– The pump on the primary side must be selected to overcome the resistance of the boiler and the primary side installation. The pump on the secondary side must be selected to overcome the resistances of the secondary side installation. All heating circuits on the secondary side must have separate pumps. The resistance of the balance container is negligible.
– The flow temperature is measured by a sensor, which is welded to the secondary side, through the hydraulic equilibrium vessel.

Not: Drain valve should be used in order for the system to work properly and efficiently.

Techical Info

Body: St 37.2 Carbon Steel
Max. Working Pressure: 10 bar
Max. Working Temperature 100ºC
Connection: Flanged / Welded End

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