Balance Container (Air, Sediment, Dirt Separator)

General Details

Due to the constant fluctuation of supply and demand for heating, such systems are likely to have a problem of hydraulic imbalance. This causes the heat output to not be as desired and to cause the pumps to overload. In the case of the use of a package balance container is eliminated such negativity.

– Package balance container is a stand-alone function for all three of the air separator, hydraulic equilibrium and sediment retention devices.
– The use of the package balance container prevents hydraulic imbalance.
– Prevents overloading of pumps and damage caused by this load.
– Significantly improved heat transfer ensures more qualified output in the automation system.
– The package balance tank must be placed between the primary circuit and the secondary circuit. This point is also an ideal place for the air separator and sediment retainer.

Techical Info

Body: St 37.2 Carbon Steel
Max. Working Pressure 10 bar
Max. Working Temperature: 100 ºC
Connection: Flanged / Welded End

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