Analog Level Controller

General Details

Out-put signal can be controlled by its float and float movements change its analog out-put signals.It works according to physical principles that are buoyancy force, pull and push force of electromagnetic.
Changing of the liquid level causes vertical movement to float. Magnets which are fixed to the float affect the switches and produce signal according to switches on/off positions.

Advantages of level gauge are;

-Real-time liquid level control,
-Controller connection (like PLC) is possible,
-Simple design,
-Various connection types,
-High temperature resistance,
-High pressure resistance,
-Long working life,
-Suitable for different liquids.

Analog output: 4-20mA or 0-10V
Contacts: 3 on/off type

*First Relay: Control low level alarm
*Second Relay: Control pumps or solenoid valves
*Third Relay: Control high level alarm

**Output signal characteristic: lineer type

Sensibility: 10mm

Techical Info

Probe: Stainless steel
Float: Stainless steel

Flanged: DN50 (2”) – DN100 (4”)
Screwed: DN50 (2”)

Max. Working Pressure:
Up to 16 Bars

Max Working Temperature:
Up to 125 ºC

Application Area:
-Liquid tanks
-Petro-chemical plant

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