Mat Pipe is a subsidiary of MAT Group which is serving in various geographic in construction sector.

After completion of a lot of successful project; the group decided to supply all needs of the projects as a material supplier only. Mat Pipe is built to fulfill all procurement needs of a pipeline / piping project or in case of need very small piping elements.

Mat Pipe is able to make engineering of all types of piping/pipeline and with the experienced teams, suppliers ranged over a wide field, our clients’ all needs are satisfied with only one agreement.

Until today we supplied pipes, piping elements, gaskets, bolts, valves, couplings,…. to 11 countries in the world.

Our Services

MAT Pipe is serving about different disciplines for piping and pipeline.

  1. Pipeline Engineering

    Mat Pipe starts pipeline design from surge calculation, stress analysis and continues to design process until fabrication drawings. The recent developments about engineering of piping/pipelines are followed.

  2. Spool Fabrication

    MAT Pipe prefabricates spools for piping projects. Under favour of better conditions in workshop spool fabrication is advantageous for prefabrication of pipes.

  3. Turnkey Projects

    MAT Pipe is serving to its customers for turnkey piping/pipeline projects. Process engineering is followed with the analysis, design engineering. After all design studies, we also carry fabrication and installation steps until the end of tests at site.

  4. Material Supply

    Apart from design, fabrication and installation, MAT Pipe provides all kind of materials about piping projects. MAT Pipe has a ver wide range of suppliers, around world and serves for the best result with its own fabrications and suppliers.

Our Vision

To be one the best and innovator companies in Turkey and all other countries which we are working with the MAT group which we belong.

Our Mission

To design, plan and fabricate safe, high quality and low cost projects by taking into account the benefits of all employees.

Our Values

All described and documented rules within MAT Group which MAT Pipe affiliated, underlie all our activities. We act by considering these rules in each of our projects and works. We are aware that these rules are the way for MAT Pipe’s targets and future.

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