Plan Execution

Although it is the road map of the project, it is the basic planning document that defines the whole path to be followed in the project objectives.

Quality Plan

It is the definition of Project Management and all other staff’s commitment to quality, methodology and responsibilities to achieve the purpose.

Fabrication Procedure

It is the written documents created by MAT Pipe Industry within its own structure and presented to the staff on how to perform the basic processes.

Installation Procedure

These are the documents stating how to work for all activities that will continue throughout the project without making the slightest concession from quality and occupational safety requirements.

Control & Test Plan

These are the plan and program documents that indicate the conditions under which the controls of our projects will be from the design stage to the manufacturing and assembly stages.

Quality Talks

Before starting each job at factory or worksite, quality meetings are held with all related personnel. At site, daily quality briefings are given by site quality responsible to all team.




MAT Pipe specialises in process plant design, procurement, constructions supervising and project management of large scale engineering projects. We provide process plant design engineering expertise throughout all phases of a project.

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